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What Can We Do For You

Direct health care access
Delivering medical support and expertise
Providing healthcare consultations from the convenience of your own home
Medicare client care by advising non-clinical staff on medical issues
Offer information on your healthcare
Bridge the gap between health services and the medical care you deserve

We are here to assist you in gaining control and making informed decisions for your Healthcare.

Navigating the complex and intimidating medical world can be challenging. Our services are here to assist you every step of the way, from understanding test results and medical terminology to managing your diagnosis and health care and health care maintenance.


“As of mother of 3 small  children, I wanted to Thank you for all the absolute wonderful advice  that you’ve given me. I appreciate you going over and beyond to always make sure my questions are very well answered and in ways I understand. Especially when Covid hit it was a extremely hectic time I would call you with any questions when I was out on maternity leave and my 6yr old caught  Covid and brought it home to everyone in my family and my 6month caught Covid it was a devastating time I can’t tell you how you put my mind as ease with guidance you provided for me I can’t thank you enough.”

Alisha L.

“This letter is in regards to Nisa and all of the exceptional advice that she has given me over the years. I have called her regarding my blood pressure and cholesterol.  She explained to me in detail the alternatives that I could possible do and how to go about doing them. The foods that I should be eating and what I should avoid. I appreciate all the informative information that she provides. 

Nisa has also gotten me into exercising,  which she has explained is key to losing weight. Which in return helps with the blood pressure and the  cholesterol. 

There has been so many questions that I have asked over the years and she did not hesitate to give me a response.

I really appreciate all that she does to help. Sometimes I just need someone that will listen to what I am saying and to lend a understanding ear with no judgement and that is something that i feel she does.”

Vonda L.

“I am writing to express my gratitude from my family for the care and advice that was given by Ms. Nisa. She was extremely professional, respectful, and  compassionate . Ms Nisa John also provided professional guidance, comfort, and strength to make our own health decision easier. She is a delightful person, knowledgeable, and a great asset wherever she goes. Again, I would like to thank you for the services you provide. Wishing you the best of luck.”

Antisha H.

“I really appreciate all of the help Nisa has provided me. I have had a number of questions and she has never rushed through answering my questions or when providing me advice. I can't express enough with how she has put my mind at ease when dealing with my healthcare.”

Ashley L.

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Your Care Healthcare Concierge Services

Meet The Owner

Hello! I’m Nisa. As a healthcare educator, I have taken on the role of being an advocate for individuals who find the process overwhelming. Through this platform, I aim to provide access to my expertise as a healthcare professional with over a decade of experience and a deep passion for health and caregiving. Let me help you bride the gap of understanding and confusion, while building trust confidence in your healthcare decisions.


Here at “Your Care Healthcare Concierge Services” we offer a wide array of services aimed at empowering you to make the best decisions for your health

Healthcare Advocate

Our Healthcare Advocacy services is dedicated to understanding your health plan preferences and ensuring they are upheld on your behalf, whether through phone or virtual assistance during doctor’;s visits and hospitalization. We also assist in communicating with healthcare providers, ensuring you receive the necessary information in a clear manner to make well informed decisions.

Healthcare Education

Our Healthcare Education service focuses on answering questions on a variety of healthcare related topics such as diet, medications, and exercise. 

Healthcare Consulting

Our Healthcare Consulting services focus on addressing questions pertaining to current symptoms and illnesses. If you have any uncertainties concerning healthcare topics, pertaining to doctor’s visit, medication, or hospitalization, this services is designed specifically for you. Feel free to seek assistance whenever you need clarification or guidance in these areas.

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